Fall 2020

Post-Play Volume 9

Mythmaking Towards New Worlds

Words by: Post-Imperial

Collaboration Playlist

Words by: Post-Imperial

Photographs by: Joshua Kissi

Jollof has been our most complete collection. It has been the project where we have been able to fully implement the kind of empathic design that we believe in Post-Imperial. This playlist includes a song that currently resonates with each and every person that contributed to making this collection. The map we created to go along with the playlist highlights the many hands, minds, and souls that it takes to make a project such as this. I hope you all enjoy it!

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The Team Behind Jollof.

Here is a breakdown of all the families that helped build the Jollof Collection.



The core team. This is where the process and collaboration begins. Our ideas turn into sales, operations, marketing, and creative plans. We work on themes, references, colors, and then lay out who and what are collaborators are going to be.


Creative Process

This family collaborates with the Post-Imperial team to build on the creative foundation set for the collection and the brand. This includes creative directors, models, photographers, or other designers. The Post-Imperial team invites them into the process and allows them the freedom to interpret and add to the core mythology. 



Beberavi has been a pivotal partner for Post-Imperial in 2020. This family has been responsible for all of the cut and sew production for this year. The partnership has allowed Post-Imperial to reach its goal of producing products in Africa. 


Adire Lounge

Adire Lounge has been a dyeing partner for Post-Imperial since 2016. Cynthia and her team have been part of the first steps of Post-Imperial producing in Africa. They have worked hand-in-hand with the Post-Imperial team in developing and experimenting with various textiles through the adire dyeing process. Adire lounge is very instrumental in the design process as it is reliant on their artisans’ ability to express each design with their hands. This is why no 2 Post-Imperial product is the same. 


Platinum Pacific

Platinum Pacific family work on clearing any fabric we ship to the country through customs. Jide and his team of custom brokers have been working with Post-Imperial since 2015.


Trim Knowtions

It is great to know that this gem of an establishment is run as one of the few Black-owned trim companies in New York. Shantell and Thacia are a quiet force. Based in a small office in the garment district of New York, they are the ULTIMATE plug for trims. Whether it is buttons, or grosgrain, or some sort of cording that does not exist, they will not only be able to source it, but then have a turnaround time that only superhumans should be able to achieve.