The Ijebu Tee: Jollof-Benachin-Ceebu Jën-Riz Au Gas-Thiebu Djen

Introducing the Ijebu tee, our first in-house long-sleeve tee. 

Just like our other products, we hand-dye them in Nigeria.

Ijebu Tee Editorial Shot

The Jollof Wave print is the first print we designed for this collection. We configured it with the following in mind:

  1. The color orange as a reference to the color of Jollof.
  1. The words within the pattern which contain the many names of Jollof in West Africa:
  • Benachin (Gambia)
  • Ceebu Jën (Wolof)
  • Riz Au Gras (Togo)
  • Thiebu Djen (Senegal)


    Ijebu Long Sleeve Tee 

    These words, on the cusp of our lips or on paper, add dimension and weight to Jollof’s mythology. 

    On a plate, it gives families the opportunity to eat together in an intimate setting (Like The Senegalese do when eating from one big plate).

    It can also be the fuel for many celebratory functions (Nigerians are famous for their party Jollof rice- which usually is the go-to dish at many weddings and parties).

    Jollof- in all its orange glory, has served as a form of communication for many West African communities.

    As the dish grows beyond the boundaries of these communities, it is fast becoming the global cultural beacon for West Africa . 

    Due to heavy demand for the jollof wave tee, we are deciding to take pre-orders on this for the next few days.

    Expected shipping date is December 20.