Mythmaking Towards New Worlds: Aisling and Jos

Aisling has worked with several fashion brands that we love and respect at Post-Imperial, and her design process fits well with our collaborative effort to design through mythology.

When we first met up to talk about working together, there was a discussion on the inspirations of the collection as well as what colors we were using. She was not given any strict parameters on what to design. 

Jos Sweater

As a jumping point, she decided to reference Man in a Jumper Drawer, a painting from artist Lubana Himid- who also served as a source of inspiration for this collection. 

She also mined our archives and paid homage to our Lagos striped combo shirt.

Creatively, with a base foundation, Aisling was able to fully design on her own terms while still adding to the story of Post-Imperial.

Sweater Process


On the production side, Aisling also worked alongside a team of female weavers from Beberavi based in Kenya. She too gave them a base foundation on how to make the sweater and they were able to add their own touch to producing the sweater. That is why they all look unique. 

These 2 factors are examples of empathic design- The ability to allow people to come in and contribute to the myth-making exercise within your organization. 

You can purchase the Jos sweater here.