Mythmaking Towards New Worlds: The Value of Connecting to the Diaspora

Since we started Post-Imperial, the ultimate goal was to have everything 100% made in Africa. 

This was for a few reasons: 

  • Reducing our carbon footprint. 
  • Emotional and financial investment into the communities within the continent.
  • Reduction of complexity within our supply chain.
  • And most importantly, Allowing the diaspora to add deeper to the Post-Imperial mythology. 

Although we have been dyeing our fabrics in Nigeria, we were still looking for the right opportunity to manufacture our clothing on the continent. 

We kept hitting dead ends- potential partnerships that didn’t materialize due to a myriad of complicated issues. 

Then we met Sia. 

Factory in Kenya

She employs 100s of women from different ethnic backgrounds within Kenya and collaborates with them to use their artisanal skills to work and create products for brands like ours. 

Beberavi, has been a saving grace for our organization as partnering up with them this year has allowed us to continue production during the COVID lockdown in the US, where we originally were producing 100% of our garments.

Factory portrait

Every item we have made this year has come from the Beberavi team. Waiting up till 1am to speak to the team virtually has become an enjoyable process as we got to talk about things beyond the clothing we were making together. 

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